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You would find it hard – if not impossible – to find a more experienced Invoice Finance professional in the UK. Since joining the industry back in 1975 the last 42 years have been spent in all sectors of the Invoice Finance market in the UK and around the world.


I initially came into the then 'embriotic'  industry working for the biggest player (Alex Lawrie Factors) holding, over the years a number of senior roles in operational (Client relations, management and security /risk) and sales areas – before setting up the companies training function. I left Alex Lawie in 1985 setting up FaCTS International. With FaCTS I have carried out consultancy and training projects with almost every single UK Invoice Finance company over rthe last 30 years.


I wrote and ran the industries first formal education programme – the Certificate and Diploma courses. As well as the first programme for International Factors Group – the worldwide Invoice Finance Association


My work has extended outside the UK – across Europe, to Australia, USA, Singapore, Hong Kong and even Moscow. I also setup, from scratch, what is now Sri Lanka’s largest Invoice Financier.


My first ‘retirement’ was in 2011 – it lasted for just 3 months (I can’t sit still! and do nothing) before I was approached by one of the UK leading independent Invoice Financiers (Skipton Business Finance). Being a Northern based company they wanted to move to a more national presence. Initially, on a supposed short term contact of 6 months (!) I set up, and then ran, a Midlands sales/and client operations centre for them building up to over 150 clients. With the success of that office the project was extended into a far bigger development setting up their Southern operation. So the ‘short term contract’ turned into eventually turned into 5 years.


That project successfully completed and with thetwo  new offices contributing over 50% of the companies turnover. I have now ‘retired’ once again – back to FaCTS International .


My focus is now on working with SME across the UK assisting them in both raising working capital but also in managing their relationship with their invoice finance company. We also handle some of the back-office bookkeeping for some of those companies.


My unique service offering is that I know from a first-hand/ behind the scenes perspective how all the major Invoice Finance companies actually work – not how they advertise but how they actually work. So I am uniquely positioned to arrange the best match possible between my clients and a suitable funder. The other big plus is as well as having the experience and expertise of the Invoice Finance sector as I have also run my own business for over 30 years I understand the ups and downs and the pressures on the owners /directors of SME’s and appreciate from a first-hand perspective what they need in terms of funding support and were how frustrations/problems can develop, so I can work with them and their funder to make life just a little easier in this area.


I look forward to working with members and will over the next few weeks publish some guides to aspects of Invoice Finance with some case-studies that I hoipe memebrs will find of use/interest. I am very happy to talk to and/or meet with members or their client at any time.


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