Life-long professional writer and communicator specialising in technical topics in the UK and abroad.
Self-taught graphic designer, programmer and web developer.
Has worked with computers for over 40 years (programming on paper tape originally).
Progressed from technical manuals through sales support to publicity and marketing, working with major UK agencies on national press and TV advertising campaigns.
Believes in being hands-on wherever possible.
Experience of marketing in Computing and Software products and services, Industrial Process Control, Chemical, Fine Chemical and Pharmaceuticals Manufacturing, Telephone and Satellite Comms, Acoustic Products and Consultancy, Construction Industry, Engineering Design and Consultancy and Holiday Property Rental plus lots more too boring to mention.
Design, writing and production of all forms of technical and sales literature, mailshots, PR material and advertising.
Design, writing, programming and production of websites.


Business software systems and cloud-based IT solutions.
Websites that reach and communicate well to your customers, with marketing support.
Usability and accessibility, UI and database design. Application Experience: eCommerce, EPOS, Stock & Order Management, Booking & Availability, Back Office and Administration Systems, Data Management, Mapping Applications, Mobile Apps, and loads more. Technical Experience: DHTML (HTML(5), CSS(3), Javascript/DOM/AJAX/jQuery), PHP, MySQL, Apache, Linux and loads more.


  • Topham Plail

    1995 - Current
    Set up company to provide the sort of service I was trying to get when publicity manger at Ferranti - namely a company that could originate content and take initiative rather than wait to be driven by me and spoon-fed strategy and content.
  • Ferranti

    Publicity Manager
    1984 - 1995
    Managed multi-million pound budget for promoting a UK national telephone service via mainstream press and TV.


Electronics and Physics to degree level, but irrelevant today as it covered mainly thermionic valves

Interests and Hobbies

Gardening, Computing, Aeromodelling and Woodworking

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