MarketInvoice functions as an online exchange where companies may auction their invoices, with global institutional investors competing to advance the highest amount of cash at the lowest discount fee.

• Costs are competitive as a pool of global institutional investors competes among themselves to provide up to 90% cash advance on invoices. Companies are only charged a variable discount fee (set by the winning bidder) and a fixed, purely transactional, fee of 0.5% of the face value of the invoice. Overall costs of finance are often as low as 1% per month.

• Prices are fully transparent so that companies always know exactly how much they’re paying for finance and there are absolutely no hidden costs.

• MarketInvoice is completely flexible. Companies can use the service only when they need to and are only charged if they use it. It does not charge any ongoing fees or arrangement fees.

• The service is completely confidential to end customers, preserving the integrity of our client’s business relationships.

• Finally, MarketInvoice does not require any sort of personal guarantees or all asset debentures.


Selective Invoice Discounting, Individual Invoice Finance, Factoring, Lending


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