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IMA Group is an award-winning full-service agency. Since 1972, we’ve grown and built on our traditional services to provide innovative yet efficient answers to any communication challenge. With bags of talent in design, PR, photography, merchandising, research, digital and events, IMA Group can unravel your business puzzles through fully integrated solutions.

As a Carbon Neutral business ourselves we are in a unique position to advise other businesses on the benefits of implementing a sustainable carbon reduction strategy.

Reducing your Carbon Footprint not only makes environmental sense but will deliver commercial benefit by reducing your energy bills or at least hedge against continuously increasing energy costs and give you a marketing point of difference in todays highly competitive marketplace


Advertising, Design, Marketing, Research, IT based marketing solutions, Web design, Literature, Corporate Identity, Merchandising, Photography, PR, E-commerce, Print, Point of sale, Promotions, Consultancy, Carbon strategy, Presentations, Events, Exhibitions.


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