Ex-Trak's Intelligent Parcel Solution is a totally unique web-based multi-carrier selection portal. Its dynamic decision matrix selects the best delivery solution for any parcel dispatched from your business at a price you will find hard to beat.

Not only will Ex-Trak save your business a significant amount of money, it has taken best practice across all the carrier networks and provides the perfect" First Mile" logistics solution for your business to improve both competitiveness and internal efficiencies.

The benefits of choosing Ex-Trak as your carrier are:
• Access to multiple carriers through one web-based portal;

• Local customers service irrespective of the carrier selected;

• Small customers receive the same excellent service given to larger customers;

• Ex-Trak's purchasing power benefits all its customers;

• Next day, 48 hour delivery, B2b, B2C, postal, international and two-man lift services are all accessed through the same web-site;

• Significantly reduces surcharging by carriers;

• Ex-Trak is growing at about 25% per month.

• We have a green footprint too. We consolidate traffic and stem mileages.


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