I am a customer-focused energy consultant at Affiliated Utilities, an award-winning utility management company which specialises in the commercial market for gas and electricity.

In my role I work with businesses of all sizes and across a range of sectors, helping them to improve the way they manage their utilities.

Over the years I have built up a solid client base, ranging from large companies with multiple sites to smaller, single-site operations.

I am committed to achieving the best-possible results when it comes to price and procurement, and I get a lot of satisfaction from both helping my clients to achieve great savings and successfully managing their energy requirements.


I have extensive experience of all areas of energy management, from the procurement process to installations and audits, as well as resolving issues between customers and their suppliers.

My attention to detail and determination have helped many clients to obtain rebates when they have been overcharged.

I also help companies find ways to reduce their energy usage. A lot of firms know there are massive savings to be made when it comes to energy consumption, but often they lack the time and knowledge to make the required changes.

They need an expert and that’s where I come in.

I also fulfil a business development role at Affiliated Utilities and take pride in contributing to the company’s continued strong growth.

My roots are in Manchester and I have spent my entire career in the region.


  • Affiliated Utilities Ltd

    Energy Consultant
    - Current

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