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Cloud 9 is a hosting solution designed for small and medium business. Software applications are hosted on your Cloud (virtual machine or server) and you use them via the internet. You can connect to your Cloud from anywhere in the world where you have an internet connection.

We provide a standard package of software to help you run your business from your Cloud, so whether you're in the office, out visiting customers or abroad on holiday you can get to your data on your Cloud and run your business.

Web based applications are becoming much more popular, with people using internet based programs from Google and Amazon. The big advantage of having your own Cloud is the data is yours, you can back up files to your own computer, and you're using standard software.

If you decide to leave our service you can VERY easily take your data from your Cloud with you. we make it simple to keep your life flexible, without you having to buy expensive software and hardware, and have an IT boffin make it all work and keep it working.

We can also set up multiple Clouds to replace a company network, where each employee can have access to a central virtual server from their virtual machine.

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Contact Details:
Tel: 0845 094 2916
Mobile: 07782348055


Work is something I do, not a place I go. Agile working by Cloud 9 Hosts. The Environmentally friendly choice. Working from home uses less transport. Not replacing older computers means less landfill and less new machines made. No Capital outlay AND the greener option.

With hosting you use your software over the internet. This means we have the software on our web servers. We deal with the hardware, the updates, installation, maintenance and backups, leaving you to run your business. No need to update your old computers, just keep using that legacy equipment, saving you money.

Costs are 100% deductable against your profit, very tax efficient!

Home and mobile working becomes a reality, so long as you have an internet connection.
Offer your staff flexible working hours, this enables them to work from home or the office.
An additional benefit is the ability to use WiFi or 3G whilst out and about!


  • Tectanet Systems Limited

    Managing Director
    2006 - Current
  • Water UK

    Company Secretary
    2006 - Current
  • Rentgen Limited

    2001 - Current
  • CABWI Awarding Body

    2011 - Current
  • Cloud 9 Hosts Ltd

    2007 - Current
  • Cloud 9 Hosts Ltd

    - Current
  • Vawtech Power Limited

    2013 - Current
    Lighting solutions for large carparks and streets, Designed By Nature
  • Cloud 9 Hosts Limited

    - Current
    Cloud 9 Hosts Limited

Education History

  • Student

    Werneth High School
    1983 - 1985
  • IT

    Manchester Polytechnic
    1985 - 1988


"A" Levels & Polytechnic Qualifications IT

Clubs and Associations

B.M.M.C. (British Motorsports Marshalling Club):
B.A.R.C. (British Automobile Racing Club):

Interests and Hobbies

Technology, agile working, Life balance and Motor Racing (not in that order)

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