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Green Deal Team: Building your success in The North West - We specialize in carbon reduction measures for you residential and business needs:

Green Deal Team and our parent company Daker Ltd.are all about flexibility, innovation and, above all, results. Our team of experienced professionals and dynamic designers will focus on your precise requirements to deliver cost-effective solutions for any project.
Whether it's a residential or a corporate property, Green Deal Team has the skill, expertise and talent to exceed your expectations.
Trust Green Deal Team to achieve your financial success!

Dwindling supplies of fossil fuels and the ever increasing energy costs are on everyone’s mind, a shift to “greener living” is quickly becoming the world’s hottest topic.
Introduction of the Government’s “Clean Energy Cash-back Scheme” in April 2010 has made solar energy, not only an ecologically viable option, but a financially sound one too. In May 2010 the Sunday Times put the installation of solar photo voltaic panels (electricity generating ones) in the top 5 investments giving a 10% return:


Energy Savings - Clean Energy Cash-back Scheme
Solar Panels - ecologically viable option
Environment - greener living
Micro Generation
Low carbon electricity
Feed in Tariffs
Voltaic panels
Solar Thermal
Energy Performance Certificates
Access to RHI (renewable heat incentive)


  • Daker Ltd

    Managing Director
    2012 - Current
    Commercial Supply and Installation of Solar panels to warehouses and business properties:
  • D. & L.

    1989 - 2012
    Industrial & Commercial Control Systems

Clubs and Associations

N.I.C. - National Inspection Council approved contractor:
M.C.S. - Micro-generation Certificate Scheme:
R.E.A.L. - Renewable Energy Association Limited:
St Annes R.L.F.C.(30 years)

Interests and Hobbies

Rugby League - St Annes R.L.F.C.(30 years membership)


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