37 years in the financial services industry. Having gained a thorough knowledge of legislation and products within the internal departments of a major insurance company, I became a broker consultant servicing a portfolio of financial advisers, employee benefit consultants and other professional connections. I have been an independent financial adviser since 1987, specialising in pension planning with significant expertise in Self Invested Personal Pensions ( SIPP ), Small Self Administered Schemes ( SSAS )


SIPP SSAS PPP SIPPs Protection, Key Person, Self Invested Personal Pensions, Small Self Administered Schemes, Annuities, Financial planning, Employee Benefit Arrangements - GPP, Death In Service etc


  • Chancellor Financial Management Ltd

    Chartered Financial Planner
    6 - 20 Employees 2009 - Current

    Based in Bolton, Chancellor are Chartered Financial Planners who specialise in the provision of independent wealth management for individuals, companies, pension funds, charities and trusts. We specialise in advising on pensions, investment, inheritance tax planning and protection arrangements.

    The aim is to provide "quality advice, with a personal touch" for all clients, in a truly independent environment.


Advanced Diploma in Financial Planning - APFS

Certificate in Financial Services - Cert CII (FS)

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