As part of the Global Insolvency Solutions group, I can offer full business turnaround advice and guidance. Primarily dealing with business that are in financial difficulty, I can step in and deal with aggressive creditors and also help secure outstanding invoice payments.
I act as an intermediary between the business and creditors, and can work to secure CVA's, preventing liquidation of a business. However, if liquidation is the only way forward, then I can act as guidance through the whole process with the appointed I.P.
The aim is in all cases to prevent the loss of the business that may have been built up over many years, and is only in difficulty perhaps through the failure of one of their regular customers. This can have a massive short term effect on any business, and I aim to help them trade through the issue and back on to an even keel.
The whole matter is dealt with in total confidentiality, and all discussions are held in private with the company management. I can also offer guidance and advice on Individual Voluntary Arrangements (IVA's) - again in total confidence. This can greatly ease the financial pressure on a company director / owner, and stop the continual debt chasing phone calls immediately - they will then come through to me, once I am appointed!


Whilst I have a full English Law Degree (LLB Hons), and am a qualified mortgage broker, I am also a member of the Institute of Credit Management.
I have spent a number of years dealing with reducing debtor payments due to business, designing and implementing credit control and credit checking procedures, so as to produce a more efficient cash flow for a business, and less long term debt, thus freeing up more capital for investment.
The knowledge of current legislation allows me to step in when appointed and deal with any immediate issues, such as bailiff visits, threats of court action, or winding up petitions. I also deal with any outstanding HMRC queries, and can usually obtain a period of breathing space whilst any rescue plans are formulated.
After any successful outcome, I also offer on going consultancy to a business, to help prevent a similar situation arising again.
Further more, I can visit any exisiting business, which may not have any current difficulty, to ascertain what their current credit and debt management procedures are, and once again offer ongoing advice on a monthly basis to help assist the directors in their legal obligations as to the financial status of their business.

For Sole Traders or partnerships, again the advice can be invaluable to have before any issues arise, as their liabilities may well be substantial, and efforts needed to protect their personal assets.


  • Global Insolvency Solutions Chester

    - Current


LLB (hons) CeMAP GIS 1

Clubs and Associations

Institue of Credit Management. Cheshire Professionals, Business Network International (BNI).

Interests and Hobbies

Company turnaround and advice, debt management, credit control procedures, CVA and IVA arrangements, Mortgage placer, intermediary between business, Creditors, Debtors and any appointed I.P.

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