Involved with Computers from the days of steam power. Beginning as a programmer and progressing through Systems Analysis and IT Management in a number of businesses and eventually as IT Software Research and Development Director in a Software House. Started my own IT Consultancy business, LRD Systems in 1994, to provide professional services and solutions to SME's.


Business experience includes,
International Freight, Civil Engineering, Manufacturing, Warehousing, Distribution, Equipment Hire, Mobile Workforce Management, EPOS, E-Commerce, Amazon and Ebay.
Technical experience includes,
Programming in Assembler, COBOL, RPGII, Visual Basic, C#, .net, MS Access, PHP, CyberScreen, CyberQuery.
Databases, MYSQL, SQLserver, Oracle, Sharepoint.
Operating Systems, Windows Desktop, Windows Server, Linux, SCO Open server.


  • LRD systems ltd

    - Current

    1970 - 1973
    Programming in Auto Code, Assembler, Usercode, COBOL on ICL and IBM Mainframes, Payroll and Billing Systems
  • Fram Gerrard

    Analyst Programmer
    1973 - 1976
    Programming and Analysis in RPGII on IBM System 3, Payroll and Billing Systems
  • P Hauser Ltd

    IT Manager
    1976 - 1979
    Managing IT Department and Designing a system for Freight Forwarders to run on DEC PDP11 's
  • MAT International

    IT Manager
    1979 - 1984
    Responsible for all UK and European IT within the group.
  • Oldham Batteries

    IT Manager
    1984 - 1987
    Managing IT department and implementing MRPII system running on Data General MV Series. Also providing consultancy within the Hawker Siddley Group
  • Compact 3000

    Software Research and Development Director
    1987 - 1994
    Responsible for development of new software products and tools, including MRPII system, Warehouse Management and Distribution Systems. Also Consultancy to Clients
  • LRD systems ltd

    1994 - Current
    Providing Consultancy Services to SME's, Strategy Documents, Invitations to Tender, Project Management. Developed a range of applications covering EPOS, Warehousing, Order Management. Extended the business to cover infrastructure management

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