I am a web developer and I've been working with websites since 2004. I have experience in creating websites in all kinds of different niches and on various web platforms.


I can create a create looking website for your business or personal blog and then once it's online, I can effectively market it for you and show you how to edit it in the future is this is something that you would be interested in learning. Here's a quick rundown on my main areas of expertise:

Web Design - This is the bread and butter so to speak. I work with websites in all kinds of niche markets such as professionals, tradesman, gaming, travel, accommodation and information portals.

Copy Writing - Creating a design for a website is one thing, but who's going to fill all the pages up with content and tell the world what your business has to offer? Due to the experience I have in different markets, I can write the content for most websites.

Social Media Marketing - This is a great way to get repeat customers to your site and gain new ones. Using Facebook as an example, each time someone "likes" your business page, all of that persons friends will see that "like" and exposure like this is not only effective, but it's free.

Pay Per Click Advertising - This is one of the best ways to get targeted traffic to your website and I can help you set your campaigns up in the most cost efficient ways and for the right keywords.

Web Design Training - Once I've created a website for you, I can show you the basics of how to edit it and change the content in the future so that you aren't relying on me or any web designer for that matter each time you want to change something on your site.


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