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I am an experienced NHS Manager who is particularly interested in supporting small business organisations and enterprises in the development of their services and business management processes.  I also provide Virtual Office Support. 
With very competitive rates I focus on providing the appropriate support and guidance in an affordable manner to ensure you enhance your business. For initial startups I am able to provide advice and development including the use of social media to enhance your marketing strategy. I am also able to provide administration and secretarial support for those instances when the employment of a full-time pa is not viable allowing you to only pay for the services you require. In addition, service development, business strategy and project planning delivery also enables you to keep ahead of the game with the ability to ensure that resource is used appropriately.


With over 15 years of NHS Managerial experience I have a vast knowledge of strategic and operational management such as leadership, multitasking, organisational and business management, webdesign and social media, administration procedures, reception and front line qualities. Responsible for over 250 staff across various departments such as Data/Information, Subject Access Requests, Clinical Audit/Quality, Information Security/Data Protection and also Patient Access Services I have a wide range of knowledge and the ability to manage a number of different agendas at any one time. I have experience of the implementation of legislation such as the Data Protection Act, Freedom of Information Act and various other NHS reforms and I have skills to monitor practice against such requirements and standards. I am fluent in all Microsoft products and am not phased by new IT or systems.


  • Virtual Finesse

    Business Consultant
    - Current
    Virtual Finesse
  • Royal Liverpool & Broadgreen University NHS Trust

    Senior Manager
    100+ Employees 2000 - Current
    During my time within one of the largest NHS Trusts in England I led and managed a number of different areas using a vast skill base such as Clinical Audit, Information Management, Performance Management & Monitoring, Data Protection & Security, Administration & Reception Services (Outpatients and Inpatients), Adverse Information Reporting plus a number of national agendas led by the Care Quality Commission and Department of Health. I have also been involved in a number of different agendas including Clinical Governance, Clinical Risk Management and Quality Assurance and Care Pathway Development. The main hub of all of this work was the use of Information sources and software/hardware development to support such processes.

Clubs and Associations

UK Association of Virtual Assistants
North and Western Lancashire Chambers of Commerce
Manchester Professionals including; Cheshire, Lancashire & Liverpool

Interests and Hobbies

I have a number of interests and being a working mother of two children (aged 9 and 2) these mainly focus around my home life such as caravanning, cycling and watching Motorsport etc. However, on a more professional note I am interested in supporting local new businesses to develop and survive in this difficult economy and also ensuring that the customer/patient receives the service/care they deserve.

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