VAT Specialists was formed so that I could to provide clients with high quality,cost effective and practical tax advice to businesses of all sizes. I write on a regular basis for the tax press and sit on the JVCC on behalf of the Forum of Private Business. I am also the author of the Bloomsbury Professional Value Added Tax (previously Tottel’s Value Added Tax) book.

Area of Expertise

VAT planning – When undertaking new business ventures, trading overseas, becoming involved in property transactions or share issues, our efficient planning advice can save you time and money and avoid many of the pitfalls associated with such transactions.
Technical VAT advice – We have access to the latest VAT news and changes in legislation, which, when coupled to a large technical library, means we can provide you with a fast, accurate and cost-effective service.
Dispute resolution - If HMRC will not initially withdraw an assessment or a contested ruling, our consultants will be able to advise you on the appeals process and carry forward to a Tribunal hearing using the HMRC Internal Review system. We can also provide advice and help on how to proceed with cases involving surcharges, penalties and interest and civil and criminal fraud.
Telephone helpline – We offer a comprehensive telephone helpline service for clients to help resolve everyday problems. Wherever possible, we will try to give an immediate answer.
VAT health checks – We can provide VAT health checks to pinpoint potential problems before they have the chance to cause real difficulties. Having examined your VAT affairs we can recommend ways to potentially improve efficiency, cash - flow and create savings.
DIY Housebuilder’s claims and Obtaining clearances from HMRC

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