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Firstly, let us make sure that everyone understands why I am a good business coach/mentor 
I have over 35 years' experience in Accounting, Training, Coaching, and Mentoring 
Good Business Coaches  
Should not be telling you what to do. They should ask questions and listen, helping you set your own goals and then apply some accountability to make sure you are doing the things you agreed to do to accomplish your goals.  
They should not be judgmental, we all make mistakes in life, they should be teacher, mentor, and motivator 
What I want to do is pass on my experience to help people so they do not make the same mistakes that I have 
I want to help my clients reach their goals I am all about results, and are committed to ensuring we get those results 
This programme is for small businesses and startups as well as for businesses that have problems in increasing their sales 
I am putting together a detailed step by step process 
My online workshops will consist of 30 minutes training/presentation and a full sixty minutes of questions and answers 
Anyone can give a lecture but what do you learn by just listening, I want people to come away from these workshops feeling that they have really learnt something. 
The workshops will be either Monday or Wednesday night 7pm to 8:30 so should not interrupt your business hours 
It is aimed for small Businesses (SME) and people wanting to startup, also those of you who are already established but want to grow their business to new levels. 

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