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I help business owners to tackle their people problems and grow their business ????



Running a business is hard and employing people comes with its own set of challenges. You may feel like it's one problem after another. Let me help you...



Are you a business owner struggling with:

❓Attracting and retaining talented members of staff
❓Creating high performing teams and managing underperformance
❓Low employee engagement and morale
❓Workplace conflict and disputes
❓How to manage sickness absence and instances of misconduct
❓Employment law what can I or can't I do?!



If so I can help you….



⭐️ There when you need it HR advice and support helping you navigate through the problems that you are facing as they arise.

⭐️ Getting the basics right - implementing/updating contracts, policies and systems so that they are simple but effective. Providing you with knowledge and training so you know how to handle challenging people based situations, with a bank of editable documents and how-to guides on hand.

⭐️ Create a 12-month actionable plan to address your key people challenges such as difficulties recruiting talent and managing high absence levels. To enable you to focus on the growth and profitability of your business.

⭐️ Develop effective performance management that works for your business and coach your managers on how to effectively manage your teams. So that you can take a step back from the day to day challenges.



What you can expect from working with me:


⚡️ A passion for improving small businesses
⚡️ People strategy’s that are proven to work
⚡️ Straight forward no-nonsense advice



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