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Renowned for its portable moisture control solution since 1988, Origin deals with 4000+ happy customers and have 16+ years of global experience under their belt in the field of humidity controlling devices. They deal in 3 global brands of dehumidifiers which are:

1. Aerial:

The best in the class for room as well as compact dehumidifiers, Aerial meets up to all the specifications of the best dehumidifier, which is high dehumidification capacity for large rooms with high circulation rates.

2. Novita:

Holding a high value and recognition in the market of dehumidifiers as well as in the eyes of its users, Novita is a Singaporean brand known for delivering optimum energy efficiently. Origin is proud to state that Novita is a highly respected brand and the reason is its long lasting performance.

3. Fral:

The best option for Industrial dehumidifiers Fral dehumidifiers are extremely durable and have the capacity to withstand extreme environments as well as extensive usage. The other main features of this brand include steel frames robust enough to increase the durability of the product and large collection tanks for condensed water along with a hassle saving option of direct drainage.

The humidity experts at Origin are always in touch with the needs of their customers and advise them towards the best humidifier according to their needs.


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