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What is the Growth Street, Growthline?

GrowthLine is a flexible line of credit that businesses use to manage their cash flow and working capital.


Every business has valuable working capital tied up in assets, whether it’s in invoices or unsold stock. GrowthLine helps you unlock this capital and put it to work. Our customers use their GrowthLines to plan and manage growth: purchasing stock, hiring, moving offices, and much more.


The best part? You use as much or as little cash as you want within your agreed limit, and you only pay for what you use.


With a GrowthLine, you have access to a line of credit, up to a limit that we agree with you (maximum of £1,000,000). Borrow and repay as often as you like, and only pay for what you use. Rates from 7.2% APR mean that financing your working capital has never been simpler.

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