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We are a dynamic software organisation focusing on developing and delivering fissara, our "Cloud Based" subscription platform that enables businesses to simply manage and monitor their people, processes, stocks and schedules, in every location, at every moment, of every day.

fissara is designed for any size of business and because it is built entirely from one piece of software on our own cloud platform it is scalable, flexible, expandable and more importantly affordable and able to support an unlimited number of users.

fissara has grown from humble beginnings, but on a very solid base, a handful of ideas have evolved into the Total Operations Management product we have today. This doesn’t mean we are finished growing and developing the product, far from it! What this means is that every component has been designed and developed to work seamlessly together, tightly integrated, from day one. We’ve not bought in other company’s technology or acquired bits and pieces along the way. Our code has lived together happily for years! We will continue to add to and enhance fissara with fresh and innovative thinking knowing that underpinning our technology are very solid foundations.

fissara is a privately held software development and technology innovation services company. We are a small team but with extensive experience across software, Internet, telecoms and mobile. We have learned through experience what works but more importantly what doesn't. This means that we offer some uncommon elements to our service, the principal being honesty. We won't sell something that isn't right for our customer but we will help them to understand what their requirements are and we will deliver something that not only meets their expectations but is also a delight to use and operate.

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