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We offer a value-for-money, self-service, Virtual Learning Environment for Corporates, SMEs, freelancers and sole traders.

All-in-one solution for your training business:

  • Connect with learners via live video conference
  • Create and distribute e-learning 
  • Manage learners, assessments and certificates

We provide two tiers of products:

  1. Large companies - enterprise grade software platform for your L&D / HR team
  2. SMEs, freelancers and sole traders - individual accounts for instructors, trainers and coaches

If any of the following resonates with you please reach out as we can help:

  1. It takes you more than 10 minutes to create a new interactive
    e-learning course using your current LMS platform
  2. Anytime you need to make a change in your current LMS settings you need to wait in queue until the IT department can make the required change 
  3. You are looking for a quick and easy way to move your small training business online 

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