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Bernadette works with individuals and business leaders to deliver extraordinary results.  Her passion is to make a difference in how people view themselves and communicate with each other.

Bernadette is a Business Peacemaker and is involved in helping businesses enhance the dynamics of the natural talent  which already exists in a business, for the ultimate benefit of both the individuals and the business.

Her drive is to help people lead a better life and live a brighter future doing what they love and are naturally good at and so be free from debilitating disputes, frustrations and stress thus helping to create a better world for all of us. Bernadette is passionate about being able to make a difference in how people choose to communicate, to help people function at their best and find and utilise their natural skills for the benefit of themselves, people around them and in their team/business.

Bernadette provides individuals with both life and personal development tools, helping clients find their Flow for ultimate business and personal success.  



Bernadette is a Global Partner and Trainer in Wealth & Talent Dynamics, a resource aimed at identifying ways of providing value consistently and sustainably by enhancing the levels of Trust, which quickly improve behaviour (leading to Revenues) and increasing the amount of Flow, which impacts bottom line results (leading to Profit).  Bernadette helps clients identify ways of building or maintaining Trust, and what keeps people in Flow doing what they naturally love to do.


Area of Expertise

With Bernadette’s assistance and support, through her training and coaching programmes, improvements in these areas occur very quickly between individuals, entire teams and between the business and your clients.

With more than 20 years’ experience as a solicitor and mediator, working with individuals and businesses, Bernadette is committed to helping clients identify the best within themselves in order to give the best of themselves. With Bernadette’s help, each individual has increased awareness, ownership and effectiveness at all organisational levels and can understand how to more effectively capitalise on the value that they create, leading to more effective collaboration within the whole team and more proactive contribution to achieving continued and sustainable growth of the business.

Clients who use Bernadette as their Business Peacemaker range form national organisations to small to mediium sized SME's in both the public and private sector.

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