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Charterhouse was formed by Micky Ackenson over 50 years and has evolved from the traditional local Chartered Accountants of the 1970s through various guises to its current established form with an annual turnover around £5 million. Its basic ethos of walking alongside and adding value to client businesses has existed from its inception mirroring the closely held values of Micky who still works for Charterhouse today having walked with some clients from the very beginning of the Charterhouse story to the current day assisting them at every stage of their own story of business development and wealth generation. Micky will happily tell you stories of clients who he has walked with from their own inception right through to be listed on the Stock Exchange amongst many other success stories.

The world in which we live is a fast moving environment requiring constant evaluation and adjustment, nothing is standing still and so it has been in the accountancy world. The compliance and technical standards of today have changed significantly from when Charterhouse first opened its doors. All of which have been embraced by Charterhouse through the years whilst always adapting in ways that best serve the needs of the clients we walk alongside.

With an increasing wealthy clientele Charterhouse has had to adapt to the changing needs of such clients whilst always remaining relevant to the needs of its core business of being a local Chartered Accountants. Recognition of this changing client need led the traditional local Chartered Accountants business merging with Marlborough House Associates (formed by a group of former partners of Haines Watts, a top 20 accountancy practice) to provide specialist tax planning and management consultancy services. This additional arrow to the Charterhouse quiver birthed a sizable tax department covering the provision of  a basic tax return service to bespoke tax planning advice for High Net Worth clients of which we now have over 30 HNW clients.

Natural growth has always been evident at Charterhouse due to outworking of our core ethos outlined above but that has not resulted in Charterhouse stagnating or becoming inward looking as we have always been open to the opportunity to grow through mergers or acquisitions of which a number have occurred over the years leading us into new spheres of operation and moving us away from just serving clients who live close to our offices in College Road. Coupled with the technological advances of recent years enables Charterhouse to serve clients from all around the world.

Today, Charterhouse is owned by Micky Ackenson, David White and Raj Jiwani equally. Micky heads up the Board as MD with Raj taking responsibility for operations and David for finance and marketing. With more clients than that which the owners can find the time to service there has been a deliberate move away from the traditional “partner” model to a more corporate structure with an increasingly empowered management team providing all the specialist technical skills whilst not losing the personal touch with each client having a dedicated manager available to them at all times.

The business actively seeks to grow individuals and promote from within, David White having been with the firm now for over 36 years having been promoted to the position of Executive Director over that period. While Raj Jiwani has been with the business for coming up to 14 years having been promoted to the position of Executive Director during that period. There are many other such stories within the business with a number of members of the team having been with the business for over 20 years.

Whilst always having an eye for growth and opportunity Charterhouse has never lost sight of its roots, it is not a coincidence that over the years the offices have never moved more than a few hundred metres from where it all began. Recently moving to modern office premises equivalent to those found in the City of London, to be more fitting with the quality of client and staff the business now attracts. More recently we have deliberately recognised this by the setting up of the Charterhouse Foundation with the intention to provide financial and tax advice free to the less fortunate in our area who need our services but who cannot afford to pay for them. Through donations from Charterhouse and some of our more wealthy clients we aim to provide free advice as well as contributing to local charitable needs of which we currently support Kids Can Achieve

The entrepreneurial spirit of Charterhouse alongside of its strong value of being able to serve the varying needs of all its clients means that the future will be different from the past whilst the Charterhouse values will remain unchanged. There has been a marked move in the accounting world of recent years beyond the provision of bulk standard accounting and tax compliance services to a more hands on involvement with clients. Fuelled by the technological advances provided via SaaS (Software as a Service) software makes it look increasingly like accountants throughout the accounting industry will have to embrace this change or simply close their doors. Charterhouse of course has already embraced this with an increasing emphasis upon developing these internet based services as well as our own technical advisory services to facilitate further ways in which we can serve our clients. We are already Xero Platinum Partners and looking to evolve into many of the associate services offered by the Apps world in which Xero lives. Whether it be cash flow modelling (increasingly relevant post COVID 19) to debt collection and accessing lending platforms we are looking for increasing ways in which we can partner with our clients in making their businesses successful. Whilst at the same time being conscious that other accountants will not be so embracing of this change leading to further opportunities for acquisition.

The Board continues to evolve with every new challenge and continues to seek ways in which to grow the business constantly looking for new areas to expand the business into and also looking at opportunities to buy other established accountancy practices to compliment the business and benefit from infrastructure that has been built up over many years.

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