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Business Coach, Business Growth

What's going well in your business?

How ofter do we take the time to recognise what’s going right in our business? Once a quarter, once a year? Just…
Business Coach, Business Growth

Put on a work shirt

Dressing up and more, to make it in business“Fake it, till you make it”, some people say that as if it's a bad…
Overwhelm, Business Coaching, Mental Resilience

Are you overwhelmed in your own business?

Feeling overwhelmed in your own business? Here’s a method I use to get back from the brink.Working a portfolio career…
Funderfinding, Business Coach

Wow, it just dawned on me..

Investors are just people who are looking for compelling projects and people to invest in, with their time, expertise,…
Business Coach, Work life balance

Stranding, a work i progress

Or how to create the open space to think and act strategically.Have you ever been so busy that you don’t have time to…
Business Coach, Eliminate Waste, Increase Profit

Wow, double profit in THREE days

I know I’m good, but a client doubling their profit in three days of working with me is a record. They have just…
BusinessCoach, Get Back On Track

Your Business Isn't Failing

Your business isn’t failing. It’s July, nobody’s here to buy stuff. It’s important to recognise that brands are usually…
Training and Development

#MondayMotivation Relight Your Fire

Do you need a holiday? Are you too busy and stressed to be at your best for your business?Will your business perform…
#FindHeadspace, #businesscoach, #AchieveSuccess

Half the year gone! Where did the year go?

Where did that year go? It was Christmas just a minute ago, although it strangely it seems like an age. It is July, the…
#POC, #WOC, #startup, #businesscoach


Changing the Face of StartupsSo my #FridayMotivation is leading some brave young people into the world of…
#business development, Business Coaching Bristol

Has your revenue flatlined?

Did you have a great first year, a better second year and things have looked less and less rosy since then? The…
Solopreneur, BusinessCoach, BusinessStrategy

Hurrah it's Tuesday #TuesdayMotivation

Monday is done, out of the way. #TuesdayMotivation Are you already behind? Did you finish off last week with a backlog?…

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