HR gets all sorts of questions at this time of year ... including 'Elf & Safety' queries!

Diamic Edge Ltd HR Consultant

HR gets all sorts of questions at this time of…

Ho,Ho,Ho ...

Well Christmas is around the corner and you wouldn't believe the queries that come HR's way ... not least to do with HSE stuff at Christmas ... So this year be prepared ... but don't forget to enjoy yourselves!

So it’s that festive time of the year again where people want to put Christmas decorations up in the workplace, but in some Grinch-like companies workers are banned from putting up baubles and sparkly things. Yes - we are allowed to be Christmassy it is December after all!

This is something that seems to raise its head year after year - Companies banning their workers from putting up Christmas decorations for ‘health and safety’ reasons, or requiring the work to be done by a ‘qualified’ person. Absolute rubbish.

All you need to do is sensibly provide staff with suitable step ladders and equipment to put up decorations rather than expecting staff to balance on wheelie chairs, desks and tables.

The only thing we would suggest is checking thoroughly any Christmas lighting that you might want to put up just to ensure there is no visible damage ...

Other 12 myths of Christmas

Some of these are real Christmas Crackers!
1. Workers are banned from putting up Christmas decorations in the office
2. Indoor Christmas lights need a portable appliance test (PAT) every year
3. You can't throw out sweets at pantos
4. Santa needs a seatbelt in his sleigh
5. Second hand toys can't be donated for 'health and safety' reasons
6. Traditional shopping centre Christmas trees scaled back or replaced by artificial alternatives
7. Seats removed from shops - despite weary Christmas shoppers wanting to rest their feet
8. Carol singers are a health and safety risk
9. Children are banned from throwing snowballs
10. If you clear snow from outside your business or home you are likely to get sued
11. Health and safety prevents people putting coins in Christmas puddings
12. Elf n Safety ruins Christmas!

So if you hear of anything being blamed on 'elf and safety' over the Christmas period (or at any other time) let us know and we'll take it to the myth buster panel at our HSE Associates Theseus Associates who kindly provided this guide for us all!

If you’d like any more information or help about any possible Human Resources issues which include Health & Safety, Occupational Health, Training, L & D Development ... in fact any of the Employee Life Cycle areas ... Diamic Edge HR can provide sound, pragmatic and cost effective solutions either as a one off project or on a retainer basis!

Happy Christmas and have a wonderful healthy, happy and prosperous New Year to you all!

Diane Sokolyk
Managing Director
Diamic Edge Lt - HR & Business Consultancy
Human Resources with the Human Touch!
Diamic Edge Ltd HR Consultant

Based on the Cheshire/Staffordshire border but working throughout the North West and Midlands as well as reaching as far as Birmingham and London, Diamic Edge Ltd - HR & Business Consultancy provides…

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