Case Study - Food Manufacturing

Creative Heat Limited Tax Credit Adviser
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Case Study - Food Manufacturing

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Food Manufacturer Making Italian Ice Cream

The company specialises in unusual ice cream flavours. Typical projects involve:

Blue-sky thinking to extend the range leads to research and experiments to create new all-natural flavourings.The base product is varied with small test batches made to develop all-natural recipes that meet taste, texture and price requirements.The most promising recipes undergo large scale manufacturing trials to check production to check production viability.
R&D Claim Value

Year 1 = £50,900
Year 2 = £48,300
Year 3 = £43,100

  • Food and Drink
  • R&D Tax Credits
  • R&D Claims
  • Manufacturing / Production
  • R&D Tax Relief
Creative Heat Limited Tax Credit Adviser

Imagine being able to take the power of the sun or the wind and to convert it into heat energy through a process where NO carbon emissions are produced.

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