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Cash for Innovation

R&D Tax Relief is a UK Government scheme designed to incentivise investment in innovation by giving cash back to innovative companies.

The importance of claiming R&D Tax Relief should never be underestimated. Here in the UK, it is the single biggest funding mechanism for small businesses investing in innovative projects. Yet, still many businesses unfortunately are not aware of this valuable form of funding and as such never make a claim.

Those that could have claimed for many years often feel a sense of frustration about opportunities lost when they finally do claim, so it is an important issue for accountants to consider when looking at a company's corporation tax affairs.

R&D incentive schemes, of one sort or another, exist in many countries, not just here in the UK. So, if a business is not benefiting from the scheme but their competitors abroad are then they already facing an uphill battle when it comes to trying to compete.

Working with RandDTax

RandDTax is an independent consultancy. We have helped just under 1,200 clients to recoup in excess of £120 million worth of development costs since the company’s inception in September 2012. We have processed over 6,000 claims and have a 100% success record.

Our approach is different. We focus purely on the R&D scheme, our fees are extremely competitive with other well-respected suppliers, and we work closely with in situ accountancy firms.

Terry Toms, our founding Managing Directly has been directly involved in claiming R&D Tax Relief since 2002 and sits on the HMRC Advisory Committee for R&D Tax Relief.

We enjoy a good reputation with HMRC and put our name on each and every claim we support, so HMRC know our clients have been advised by us.

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