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HR Advice, Support and Consultancy.ESA was formed in 2002 to offer Human Resource and Health & Safety support to companies of all sizes. Our HR team shares over 100 years experience in HR and Employment Law. Existing clients include hotels, construction, IT, voluntary sector, industrial and many other areas. Our Health &…
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Founded in 2006 offering therapies including Clinical Hypnotherapy, Life Coaching, CBT and NLP. Mobile therapist offering a professional, confidential and ethical service to clients in all walks of life, helping them to choose to change direction and begin enjoying a more psychologically healthier life.Area of…
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  True Progress is a professional Coaching and Hypno-psychotherapy practice that has extensive experience of enabling people to realise their goals.  We make it easier for people from large companies, SME’s and sport to enhance their capabilities, realise more of their potential, and achieve greater levels of success. Put…
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