Michelle Bee
Business Development Manager at Navitas
March 12, 2019, Michelle was a client of Andrew’s

Andrew is no doubt one of the most skillful, insightful and patient recruiters I have ever met.

This is extremely rare to find in an industry where candidates are mostly seen and treated as dispensable.

I am particularly impressed with his interactive and genuine approach to understand and align the perspectives of both his client and the candidate to ensure the match not only happens at the skills level but also the personality level.

During our engagement, Andrew made every single effort to inform me without fail about the status of the role even when his own client did not respond and never once tried to oversell the role. That attitude is a real testament to show that not only he is an excellent and professional recruiter but also a person of integrity. I'd highly recommend any candidate or organisation to work with Andrew because you can rest assured that you are working with one of the best in the industry.

I also wish him every success in the future, be it within the recruitment industry or anywhere else, with that unmatched level of integrity and enthusiasm he will definitely succeed.

- March 2019 View
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Michael Light
Project Manager at Capita Insurance and Investor Services
June 1, 2010, Michael was a client of Andrew’s

What I liked about working with Andrew was his ability to understand me, read between the lines, and listen to what wasn't being said. So not only did he provide candidates that suited the role, but he also matched their personalities and characteristics to the department as a whole. I never had any doubts or concerns when placing a vacancy with Andrew. Finally, and a true testament to Andrew's skill as a recruiter is that everyone one my Billing and Credit staff I employed through Andrew, remained with the department long after the envisaged 18-month turnover that was the norm.

I have no hesitation in recommending Andrew to any company considering using his skills as a Recruiter

- February 2019 View
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Tolu Osei-Mensah
Finance Manager, Head of Group and Regulatory Reporting at Link Asset Services
March 6, 2013, Tolu was a client of Andrew’s

Andrew assisted me recently in securing my new job as a Finance Manager with a financial services company. This role was a great opportunity for me to break out of the public sector into the private sector. Andrew contacted me about the role after seeing my details on on-line and after talking through the role with me put me forward to the company.

Andrew was very professional and efficient getting back to me promptly with feedback from the company at various stages throughout the recruitment process. He gave me valuable advice and guidance before each of the three interview stages I had to go through. I would definitely recommend Andrew’s services to candidates and clients.

- February 2019 View
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Nimal Hemelge
Vice President, Global Contracting & Commercial Excellence at UnitedLex. Enterprise Legal Services for DXC Technology
August 14, 2013, Nimal worked with Andrew but at different companies

Andrew is quite simply a first-class Executive level recruiter. His communication and updates throughout a notoriously stressful process are both valuable and always timely. He has a can-do attitude and deals with everything very professionally. He uses his impressive interpersonal skills extremely well, he understands the need to put people first and is able to balance both the needs of the customer and the client at the same time.

- February 2019 View
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Marcela Santacoloma Valencia
Strategy Consultant
July 25, 2017, Marcela was a client of Andrew’s

I am very happy about working with Andrew to find my next professional challenge over the past few months. Andrew is very professional and provides a great service. Focusing on the candidate's skills and needs, Andrew tries to find the right opportunities. He was always available and would work fast to solve any questions or find alternatives to solve any issues during the process.

- February 2019 View
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Helen Trimm
Consultant at Socitm Advisory
June 7, 2018, Helen was a client of

Andrew was very helpful when I was looking for a new opportunity. He is experienced in the consultancy field and was able to suggest the organisations that would be the best fit for my skills and goals. Throughout the process, he provided regular contact and support to help me suitable secure offers quickly.

- February 2019 View
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Fernando García Nó
Consultant at Humatica
June 7, 2018, Fernando was a client of Andrew’s

I can only say positive things about Andrew
He helped me secure a management consulting position before finishing my postgraduate studies.

He took care of the whole process very carefully, and his support throughout was superb.

I would recommend him to anyone searching for a job in management consulting. Thank you, Andrew!

- February 2019 View
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Joshua Deeks, AICA.,
Risk and Compliance Manager at Allica Limited
September 17, 2018, Joshua worked with Andrew but at different companies

Andrew created an opportunity for me to work in an incredibly interesting and exciting role.

At the time of first communication, I had been very happy and content with my existing employment but after taking a significant amount of time to understand my situation and requirements, he identified that his vacancy ticked too many boxes to ignore. Throughout the hire process,

Andrew has worked diligently to brief me on his client, their requirements and also their interview process. I am impressed by the service level provided by Andrew and would certainly welcome the opportunity to work with him again in the future

- February 2019 View
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Gavin Thompson
Commercial Category Manager - Sauces at The Kraft Heinz Company
October 12, 2018, Gavin was a client of Andrew’s

Andrew is an incredibly sincere and hard working person.

While working with him I can honestly say he was far better than most, if not all, other recruiters I had dealt with.

He is incredibly responsive and above all else certainly has your best interest at heart in the entire recruitment process.

He will certainly take initiative in your recruitment process, which I can't say about most other recruiters, and go the extra mile to ensure success in your job search.

I would recommend Andrew as a recruiter to anyone I know.

- February 2019 View
This testimonial is unverified.

Jef Geudens
Strategy Manager at Skyports
October 17, 2018, Andrew was a client of Jef’s

I had the pleasure to work with Andrew recently. He's very switched on and was there to provide guidance and feedback every step of the way which made for an enjoyable application process. He's a valuable asset to any recruitment team.

- February 2019 View
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