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“So much of sport is played between the ears. As a golfer, you have more time than most other sports to think between each “performance” of shots. I wanted strategies to improve my mental management around the course”.

“Jenni takes the time and passionate interest to find out what you do. She then takes away the overwhelm and does the hard work for you. I ended up with simple things to do daily. It’s changed how I look at my game and enabled me to get the best out of my mental performance. I will only get better from here, as I apply the strategies more. If you’re thinking how you can improve your mental performance, whatever your sport is, speak to Jenni – she delivers this!”

-PGA Pro Golfer, Thailand

- September 2016 View
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“I was at a point in my training, that I couldn’t motivated myself, all the small things were just discouraging me. I needed a little kick in the butt. Good mental tools were suggested: “Headspace”, that’s fantastic, still use it very regularly! Always remember “above the clouds”!”

“Asking me to make a training plan for each session and sticking to it the best I can, that was fantastic, after each training I could review where and why I was successful and why and where I screwed up! Good practice for the marathon day!”

“I always felt Jenni was working as hard as me to reach my goal, I was not alone in this project! Jenni was a fantastic active listener! Also she made herself available all the time, knowing that she was there in some critical moments made a huge difference. ( especially the morning before the race, I will remember this all my life!)

My advice to anyone considering Sport or Performance Psychology sessions with BeMoved is give it a try, there is nothing to lose but so much to gain. It was a high quality service!”

-International Marathon Competitor

- September 2016 View
This testimonial was successfuly verified by other source.

“The idea for me was to get some help about how to overcome my fear regarding completing my first ironman. At the end this kind of race is a psychological battle more than a physical one when you have trained hard for it. I wanted to get some reassurance and some tools to help me on race day ensuring I would not give up”.

“The first thing is that all the tools and advice are really simple and easy to implement. Also the performance coach was very realistic and honest about what challenges I may face not trying to minimize them but just helping to know how to cope with them”.

The best thing is it worked very well for me. Not only I achieve my target to complete the ironman, but I did it in a much better time than expected and I truly ENJOYED it, which is even better”.

“It is worth doing some sport psych training. To achieve a goal in sport we dedicate a lot of time and effort in physical preparation, which is really important but your performance can really be significantly reduced if you doubt about your ability to achieve it or if you are not mentally strong when you need it”.

Ironman competitor, Taiwan

- September 2016 View
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