Vanguard Film is a North West based independent film company that works nationwide with new and established companies and clients.
With strong experiences in documentaries, web advertisement right through to feature length films our company provides a multitude of film products tailored to our clients needs.
Vanguard Film specialises in corporate advertising, instructional training, testimonials and live events, in a range of distribution formats.
With each project we provide you with a project manager with the relevant field of expertise. We feel this personal approach creates the most comprehensive production and creates a strong professional relationship.


Corporate Advertising - With experience in documentary filmmaking , we can bring your ideas from script to screen. We work with you from pre-production planning, filming and editing, right through to distribution. In a documentary video your potential clients can meet you and receive all the information they require from the best possible source, making your company the perfect choice.

Instructional Training - The most time and cost effective way of providing, professional training to new and existing staff is by video. It saves money with hiring talent to provide the training every time it is required. We work with you through the planning stage right through to dvd/file based completion.

Testimonial - Hearing from real people face-to-face is always more satisfying than reading words on a page. Customers/Clients want to hear from real experiences. With a professional lighting setup and High Definition filming, we can create a beautiful image to compliment the message you wish to share.

Live Events - With a multi-camera setup we provide a comprehensive coverage of any live event. With the current age of social networking and youtube it is very easy for anyone, anywhere to see your video, ensuring that the important people who could not attend, keep up-to-date and share the experience.


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    Vanguard Film

Clubs and Associations

Simply Theatre Academy (Geneva),
Wish FM,
Langtree Park,
Help for Heroes,
Tom Grainger Driving School,
Helena Partnerships,
St Helens Council,
Prescot Council,
Haydock High,
St Helens College,
De La Salle High School,
Whitby High School,
Blacon High School,
Macclesfield High School,

Interests and Hobbies

Storytelling through a visual medium and keeping up-to-date with the ever changing digital age. Coming from a background of fictional filmmaking, working on both short and feature films, we bring a unique approach to each project and have a strong understanding in each aspect of the production journey.

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