Mobile Data Capture

TIM - The Inspection Manager is the complete mobile surveying and reporting application
developed specifically to improve the productivity and efficiency of teams working in:
Civil Engineering, Property & Asset Management, Insurance, Utilities, and Construction.

The use of mobile onsite reporting applications is revolutionising the way businesses work, and the way site data is collected, formatted and delivered to clients, without the need for re-writing back at the office.

Saving businesses valuable Time, Money, and Resources.

Traditionally reports are completed onsite using a voice recorder or hand written notes, attaching photographs taken separately using a digital camera, this creates duplication when returning to an office environment to re-assemble text files, add images, and convert the elements into a standard reporting format.

The Inspection Manager is pioneering the use of automated site reporting using Android based software, downloaded as an app for tablets and smart phones.

Case studies carried out show on average a surveyor spends approximately 1-2 hours per day typing up site reports and surveys;
equating to 5-10 hours per week of duplication.

We’ve taken this problem and created a simple solution, a secure cloud-based ‘software as service’ model (SaaS) to give our clients a truly mobile reporting capability, with reports and surveys available online within minutes of being completed.

Using custom-built templates designed specific to clients requirements – from simple forms, surveys, site inspections, audits and commercial asset documents – our clients are producing reports in less than 50% of the time it previously took using conventional data gathering and report production methods.”


The Android tablet/smart phone application (with versions for Windows and IOS available later this year) was developed collaboratively with the Revival Group (Insurance loss adjusters) The Residential Management Group, and North West Civil engineering company Excalon with a 110 surveyors using the TIM application from pre-site to site clear reporting.

Throughout the development phase of the app all three companies provided vital feedback on what enhancements and improvements were needed to ensure the reporting features and interface menus matched the real world demands, providing invaluable insight to guide template developments, and helping to ensure the final documents met compliance and regulatory standards. Where companies are coming under close scrutiny especially with contracts in the public sector, where the demands for operational transparency and total regulatory compliance are triggering penalty clauses where reporting is seen to fall short.

The data-rich nature of reports created using the TIM product, provide information including geo-coded tags (think GPS watermarking)
and date/time stamped photos giving clear, unambiguous references to the completed survey.

TIM provides businesses with cost effective mobile onsite reporting with bespoke templates designed bespoke for each client. that comply fully with relevant laws and regulations.

Companies keen to move to mobile reporting can explore the benefits with a free 30 day trial.

For more information contact Paul Miller on 0844 725 2000 or visit


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    The Inspection Manager

Interests and Hobbies

My interests range from, cycling, walking, swimming (with my children) not across lakes, reading, current affairs, classic car shows, national trust events, the cinema.

And watching many of the sports events my children attend.

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