Energy overheads are the bane of business life. We work with businesses large & small to identify better gas & electricity tariffs that can hugely improve their overall business profitability. Whether it's manufacturing, agriculture or running an office, money saved on energy instantly makes the business more competitive & profitable. We work with the smallest of businesses through to large agricultural clients, factories & warehouses to source the best tariff from the most appropriate supplier to meet thier needs. The service we provide is cost free and without obligation. 


The process is simple,we'll take a look at your energy bills to determine the length of contract and current rates.

We then enter your rates into out pricing matrix, compare them against our 26 suppliers and come back to you 

with the most cost effective option. 

We then provide you with an energy health check showing the rates we have sourced compared with your 

current deal showing you the annual savings based on your consumption.

We can offer you a 1,2,3,4 or 5 year contract. We can also provide you with a free smart meter to ensure that your bills are always accurate and never estimated.

We handle all of your terminations and contracts. The bonus of using a company like us is that we take all of the hassle away. Should you ever have an issue or query with your energy account you make one call to us on our 0151 number and we do the rest.


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    Synergy Utilities Group

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