David is CEO at M3 Media Publishing.

A social media strategist and digital publisher provides a perfect combination for helping you get business from using social media.

David has a clear understanding of how to generate business using 'content marketing' and he does it specifically in two areas - HR and Property and Construction sector.

Content marketing is the internet buzzword for 2013 and it will be critical to attracting customers for the foreseeable future.

David publishes Property Aspects and HR Aspects magazines. Two high profile places where he can position your business in a positive way and influence your ideal target audience.

By linking and distributing this content via social media, he can reach your specific prospects with the perfect message about your business.


An understanding of psychology relating to the sales process and a clever use of technology allows David to create a route to market for you and your business.

His understanding of the importance of 'individual branding' is likely to give you an edge over your competitors.

Always innovating within his sector, David manages to stay 'ahead of the curve' - He has proven to be a very valuable asset for his clients!


  • M3 Media Publishing

    2012 - Current
    Digital Publishers and social media specialists.
  • M3 Marketing Group

    - Current
    M3 Marketing Group

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