QcumbA provides a flexible, no nonsense,results based new business development solution to clients who demand new business. Our service is designed for you, and focused to provide a service that fits your business and budget.


QcumbA specialises in new business development to the SMB's based in the UK in either start up situations or wishing to break into the UK market.

If you are finding it difficult to get in front of those elusive decision makers in your sector we have probably the best CRM, built over 25 yrs, to put you right there. Our demonstrable track record covers selling technical solutions as well as service based offerings that justify investment. So if you need a sales professional who has both commercial, operational and sector knowledge then we are just a click away.


  • QcumbA

    Business Development
    1979 - 2010
    Over 30 years new business development across many channels; Finance & Insurance Telecoms & IT Automotive Legal & Charity SMB etc Professionally trained through CIM and Miller Heiman in \"strategic selling\" and direct marketing. Over achievement \"new business\" sales portfolio throughout career. This includes positioning and developing solutions sales for; BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) FM Solutions (Facilities Management) HR and Operations (Reducing overhead) Software Applications (Supporting business critical process)

Interests and Hobbies

Mountain biking, cycling, hiking, travelling, scuba diving, golf, shooting, etc

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