• Animation videos
  • Explainer videos
  • Animation videos in French
  • Animation videos in German
  • French translation services
  • German translation services
  • French correspondence
  • German correspondence
  • Print advertisements
  • Corporate video scripts
  • After Effects


Creation of 2d animation videos which explain a company's product or service. The videos include imaginative graphics and a captivating script and voice over. These videos are also produced in French and German for British exporters as a recent survey by the Harvard Business Review highlighted that nearly 75% of foreigners head for videos in their own language. The Telegraph has also shown that for over 50% of foreign viewers information in their own language is of greater importance than the actual price of the product they are searching for.
As company owner is fluent in French and German interpreting and translation services are offered.
Creation of print advertisements with emotionally stirring headlines and engaging body copy.

Writing of corporate video voice overs.

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