We are business consultants specialising in business and marketing strategy.

For more information please contact either Janice Orchard on 0161 439 5862, or Ian Thomson on 01937 849167,, or visit our website Thomson Orchard Partnership, formed by Ian Thomson and Janice Orchard in 1999, helps companies develop and implement very ambitious business and marketing plans. The level of ambition depends on the market conditions and opportunities facing the company. In some circumstances, "ambitious" may be survival through extremely adverse conditions where competitors are going out of business but in more benign circumstances it can typically mean two- to three-fold growth in sales within a few years. The effect of this on profits can be very substantial.

We also provide a range of supplementary services such as customer and staff surveys, market research, change management, business audits etc, and use diagnostic tools which give valuable insights into your business.

Area of Expertise

Business strategy and planning
- Business strategy
- Business plans
- Business appraisals
- Financial analysis/modelling
- Performance improvement
- Feasibility studies

- Marketing strategy
- Marketing plans
- Market feasibility studies
- Market reviews
- Market research
- Market testing
- Competitor analysis
- Customer surveys
- Customer service training

Change management
- Culture change
- Culture profiling
- Project management

Team and individual effectiveness
- Staff/employee surveys
- Leadership styles assessment
- Team effectiveness assessment
- Team building
- Performance appraisal
- Coaching and mentoring
- Management skills training

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