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I have a wealth of experience having worked with more than 100 professionals going through divorce in the last two years. I am the UK's only Certified Divorce Coach and Certified Divorce Specialist. I am also a Chartered Psychologist. Combining my professional experience and qualifications with the personal experience of going through divorce at the age of 50 and having to start a new career, I can help you to survive not just thrive after your divorce. 

During divorce, I work alongside lawyers and financial advisors, making up the essential divorce support triangle that will help you get through your divorce with reduce costs, time, stress and anxiety. I can help you to formulate a great co-parenting agreement so that the children are kept at the centre of the divorce not in the middle and come through this with a healthy relationship with both parents.

Divorce costs employers millions in lost productivity each year. I can help organisations to build a comprehensive support programme to ensure that the employee feels supported and builds a stronger relationship with the organisation. I currently work with a number of multi-national organisations giving support and advice to welfare departments, managers and supervisors to help them help their employees cope with the grief and stress of divorce. 

For further details of my services please get in contact.

I am running a series of workshops in January to help people at different stages of their divorce communicate better, embarace their emotionals and build resilience into their everyday life

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