COMPULSORY PURCHASE AND COMPENSATION SPECIALISTS, with particular skill in businesses affected by CPO. We also handle claims for businesses affected by losses when Sewers, Water Mains and Gas Mains are replaced.


COMPULSORY PURCHASE and COMPENSATION claims, for businesses affected by CPO, We can also advise businesses affected by possible future CPO of what needs to be done to optimise compensation, and negotiate whether a business should re-locate or close--There are also rights to claim for 10 years after a CPO!. LOSS of PROFIT claims for businesses affected by replacement of Sewers, Water Mains and Gas Mains. RATING APPEALS-for businesses that saw a new valuation in 2010, Re-Valuation of properties for SIPPs on formation or re-structuring of SIPPs. Valuation for Taxation purposes. Valuation of Assets. We act for Local Authorities, Statutory Bodies, and for Affected Businesses. We can also advise householders affected by CPO. We also handle Asset Valuations for the Public Sector, with previous instructions including the Manchester Velodrome and Bridgewater Hall!

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