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How confident are you that your senior team is leading effectively?

Do your people share your vision for the business?

Is your leadership team fit for the future?

Are you getting the most from your directors?


SHINE is a specialist executive coaching, team coaching and facilitation practice run by Zoë Cohen. As an executive coach Zoë works with you, your senior team/s and leaders to support and challenge you to transform your conversations, behaviours, mindset and performance for the benefit of you, your colleagues, your customers, and your business. Contact me to discuss your business needs on 07786074741.

There are 5 potential ways I can help you or your organisation:

Challenging yourself - what's your own "A to B"? what do you want and need to change in your leadership and your professional life? we can work together to support and challenge you to get from A to B, wherever and whatever that might be

Stretching your team - is your team more or less than the sum of its parts? If you have a sense that your senior team could be performing better we can work together to shift the conversations to what they really need to be talking about and acting upon

Developing your key relationships - how effectively do your CEO and Chair work together? Or your Sales and Operations Directors? Or the other key players in your business? Don't wait for misunderstandings to arise or disconnections to embed, we can work together to help these crucial relationships have the best chance of success

Growing your aspiring leaders - how's your succession planning? Do you have keen, able, confident and resilient people ready to step into crucial roles? We can design bespoke 1:1 and group programmes to help your aspiring talent really step up effectively… and then stay afloat

Shifting your organisation towards a coaching culture - you know that 21st century organisations need really high quality, agile thinking to drive the innovation and competitiveness that must be their lifeblood. The ability to genuinely inquire, to really ask and listen, and open up colleagues' thinking is a central modern leadership skill and mindset. We can work together to grow this capability in your business and turn it into a habit that will pay dividends.

And Zoe also provides Supervision for coaches and consultants - I believe as coaches and organisational consultants we must 'eat our own medicine', we must work as hard on ourselves and our practice as we expect our clients to. As a post-graduate qualified and accredited Supervisor I can help you to reflect and learn from your practice, for the benefit of you, your clients, and their customers.

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