What We Do
Seva offers a one stop shop for all your Occupational Health, Health and Safety, Training and Fire requirements.
Our service is fully flexible and modular. This enables our clients to access one or all of the services we offer without compromising on the quality of each individual service.
Clients find this approach both cost effective and quality driven.
In any business a number of areas overlap, inevitably the emphasis is concentrated on the areas which are deemed mission critical, until a problem occurs which reveals that a regular task has been neglected.
The nature of our business model gives responsibility for each area to an individual, so Training, Occupational Health, Fire Wardenl Training and Health & Safety Risk Assessment all 'belong' to different individuals, and however, they are all managed by one account manager.
Our customers have one point of contact, but access to all of our specialists.

Area of Expertise

Fire Safety
The Regulatory Reform Order (fire safety) 2005 states that it is a legal requirement for businesses to have a fire risk assessment of their premises conducted and written by a 'competently trained person'. It also requires employers to provide fire prevention training for their staff i.e. Fire Awareness or Fire Marshall training where appropriate.
Failure to comply with this legislation can result in large fines and in some cases up to 2 years imprisonment. Many businesses suffer personal injury to staff or public, loss of production and on occasions loss of premises; sadly some never recover.
It is important therefore, that all businesses have an up to date Fire risk Assessment and suitable Fire training. People's actions in the event of fire are critical. The prevention of personal injury, fire spread. Safety of colleagues and members of the public is paramount; therefore excellent quality fire training is a fundamental necessity.
Right Actions --> Right results.
Wrong Actions --> Disaster!
Our staff have 30 years experience attending, dealing with and investigating fires in all types of commercial and industrial properties and are the most appropriate persons to help your businesses prevent incidents, or help your staff to deal with them in a safe manner whilst keeping them up to date with HSE mandatory requirements.

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