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Momentus was founded on the belief that becoming our best selves starts with understanding ourselves.


Working with Momentus feels different.


We are passionate about your success and our approach to working with you is built on our values of being engagingempowering and authentic.


We help individuals and businesses realise their potential through carefully-crafted coaching and development programmes centred around them. Our clients most commonly seek our support in:


Career & Leadership Development

When you're at a career crossroad, starting a new career or frustrated with your current lack of direction. You're an ambitious individual wanting to start your own business, develop your leadership skills or get that longed for promotion. When your business is struggling to develop and retain leaders who inspire and motivate others.


New position, new venture or new direction – our coaching and training will give you the clarity and confidence to excel.


Team Effectiveness & Engagement

Your organisation is trying to break down the barriers between functions, channels or teams which are impacting on you delivering your best results. You need your people to better understand everyone around them and adapt their communication style to be more effective.


Business owner, leader or manager – discover how to bring out the best in your people to hone your performance and theirs.


Customer Experience & Engagement

You need to ignite the passion in your people for creating memorable customer experiences, leading to a base of satisfied and loyal customers. Your customers are feeling the pain from the lack of employee engagement with your customer vision and purpose.


We believe in mentoring with meaning – giving you the tools to empower your employees and create moments that move.


You’re already good. So let’s work on being better. Unlocking those extra opportunities and moments for greatness.


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