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I specialise in STRESS, emotional, mental and physical pain.  Check out my testimonials and video testimonials (on the video section) for the life-changing results I have created for my clients through my signature programme the "Freedom Alignment Method".  A technique that addresses the root cause of all emotional, mental and physical pain.  


If you feel like you would like some extra help on returning yourself to empowerment and health, then book a FREE Discovery Session with the Freedom Alignment Team.


»  1-2-1 over Zoom, WhatsApp or face to face.
»  Introduction to the Freedom Alignment Method, what the process is and how it addresses physical,

emotional and mental pain.
»  A chance for you to ask questions.
»  A mini health assessment so that we can identify

what possibilities there are for you going forward.
»  Finally, based on the results, share with you, a bespoke programme option that will serve you the most.
»  The session is approx. 45 minutes long.
»  Contact us: or

Go to the link to meet Kirsty in a short free masterclass


What is Ascension?

“The Bright Path Ishayas. Ascension is for anyone seeking inner peace, happiness, freedom from stress, and a living experience of love, presence and oneness. “Ishaya” is a Sanskrit word that means, “for higher consciousness.” The Ishayas are devoted to experiencing and helping others experience higher states of human consciousness. Most of us only know ourselves as a bundle of thoughts, beliefs, opinions and judgments. These are the source of all of our stress, limitations, problems and suffering. Beyond the constant chatter of the surface of the mind, is an endless well-spring of peace, joy, creativity and freedom. Ascension is a tool to help you access these extraordinary states as a direct, living experience. This teaching offers a scarce opportunity to experience what it means to be truly alive.”

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