Can you honestly say that your business has the right telecoms solutions, from the right suppliers and at the right price?

Most businesses don't have a telecoms expert in house and rely on what the telecoms providers tell them they need, and in many cases they end up making mistakes. IP Advance are different. We act as your in-house telecoms expert and represent your interests to the telecoms suppliers, thus ensuring you always have the right solutions, from right suppliers and at the right price?

By using carefully selected partners and the latest telecoms technologies, we can do three main things for our clients:
1) Reduce telecoms costs,
2) Help improve business efficiency
3) Make them money by enhancing marketing campaigns.

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1) Cost Reduction
2) Telecoms Procurement
3) Fixed Line
4) Mobile Phones
5) VoIP
6) Telephone Systems
7) Internet Access
8) Inbound Numbers
9) SMS Marketing services

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