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More Impact than your Average Business / IT Consultant...


·   Are you struggling to grow Sales or attract new Customers?

·   Are your key processes manual and time / labour intensive?

·   Are you clear of how you will remain competitive in an increasingly Digital World?


HanaTech is a Tech consultancy passionate and committed in helping small to medium sized companies improve their efficiency and competitiveness, through the introduction of simple Tech solutions.


We aim to keep our clients ahead of their competitors, by supporting them to start or strengthen their Digital Transformation journey.


We look to work with Manufacturing, Engineering and Distribution businesses that remain fairly traditional in their processes, and so would like some independent support to help them to change, improve and grow.  Our clients often can’t justify to have a permanent IT or Continuous Improvement Manager role, but use our services as a cost effective way to cover these requirements on an interim basis.


Starting with a FREE baseline review of your Current operations, HanaTech will recommend some simple Tech solutions tailored to your business and your customers needs, to achieve:


->   Optimised Processes
->   Digitalised Operations
->   Maximised Efficiency, Sales & Growth


From simple website refresh advice to full-scale process automation and technology transformations, our flexible approach to tailor solutions and support means that no project is too big or too small.


Recent improvement projects have also qualified for funding towards the project costs.


For more information on how Digital Transformation can help your business, please contact Hana Robertson.



                    HanaTech, Digital Transformation support for SMEs


                                 Optimise * Digitalise * Maximise

                                       Prepare to be Hanatised...


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