Collaborative Resolution Ltd T/A Painless Divorce:

Adriana has set up the UK’s first multi-disciplinary collaborative team to support couples and families through divorce.  Painless Divorce is a new client-led process that is quicker, more cost effective and more respectful than traditional divorce or mediation, and ensures that separating partners do not go to court. It brings together collaboratively trained solicitors, accountants and psychologists who give advice while allowing the couple to come to their own resolution. Adriana is highly trained in dispute resolution and has brought best practice from Australia to the UK. For further information visit:

Individual and Family Counselling and Coaching:

Supporting individuals, couples and families through issues such as anxiety, depression, grief, post traumatic stress disorder, early trauma, infertility, workplace bullying, and early, mid and later life transitions. Adriana assists clients to create positive thinking and develop more effective behaviours. She helps couples and families through separation and divorce, step-parenting issues and relationship issues.


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