Video Testimonials = The most valuable piece of content that you'll create!

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Video Testimonials = The most valuable piece of…

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Hey everyone, Gareth here from Exposed Wolf and today I want to tell you about the power of video testimonials.
Ok testimonials, these have been popular among marketers for years but if you want to portray yourself as a modern business you need to think about using video testimonials.

Now, no matter  how much we tell ourselves that we only make rational decisions, emotion is a primary driver of decision making, and videos trigger emotions. Written text is sterile whereas video gets to viewers hearts straight away. So when a customer is visibly thankful, or happy because of your product or business, potential customers will feel it, too.

People just prefer video, and its not just consumers either. 59% of executives would rather watch a video than read text on the same topic.

Users want to trust your video testimonials, and they’re prepared to. But you need to do your part to make them trustworthy.

Make sure you shoot in a relaxed atmosphere so your subject speaks naturally and doesn’t sound like they’re reading off a script.
The ultimate goal of any marketing tactic is to convert potential customers into paying ones. And for all the reasons I just stated, video testimonials are great at converting.

Creating a great video testimonial isn’t easy,  but a well-made video can be one of the most valuable pieces of content that you’ll create.
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Exposed Wolf Photographer

After spending 10 years in Australia where I built up a successful video and photography production company which still continues to run, I have now returned to the UK to put down my roots here.

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