Why is CallHippo the Best Business Phone Numbers Provider in Australia?

Why is CallHippo the Best Business Phone Numbers…

In this perfect world, you can’t afford a single slip-up. The need to do things with perfection increases by manifolds when we talk about the business. All businesses need a professional and dedicated VOIP Phone System to get connected with the customers and business associates.

If you are still using personal or traditional landline Business Phone Number for your business then we must say that you are not only burdening yourself with extra operational cost but also restricting your capabilities.

With advanced integration and wide work boundaries, a virtual phone number will help you to streamline telecommunication, save a great fortune, and increase the customer satisfaction that are nightmares with a traditional local Australia Phone Number.

When you look upon all these factors and think of implementing the mighty help of a virtual phone number, CallHippo is the only name that you should consider. Being a pioneer of the Australia business phone industry, the brand bestows its users with a cost-effective and multi-functional business phone number.

What all CallHippo offers?

A product developed by many inceptions, CallHippo offers a lot to its users who wish to entail in an advanced and low–cost business communication with their clients. The offerings of CallHippo are not only wide but highly functional as well.

Detailed call analytics

CallHippo gains you an ability to do continuous and informative call analysis of all your business calls. You will be able to sort them out on the basis of their origin or concern. In addition to this, the detailed call analysis is also important to understand the progress over a particular call.

When you will have details like call duration, call status and status report, you will be able to monitor the credibility of your support system.

Call Cascading

It is very important for every business to attend every single call. But it is not possible when you are facing high call traffic with limited lines. CallHippo allows your single Australia phone number to be operated from multiple lines.  So, when one line is busy, the virtual phone system will forward the call automatically to the next available agent.

Furthermore, call cascading feature of CallHippo business phone number also prove fruitful in areas like an automatic greeting, integrated smart extension menus, and call forwarding on basis of employee shifts and working hours.

You can also integrate your forwarded call with its CRM system and get the insight of its status at every stage.

Call Recording

Call recording is another service area where CallHippo streamlines your operations. One has to record its incoming and outgoing calls from numerous purposes like data review, performance analysis, to build a database for future reference and for training and coaching purposes. Though the need to do call recording is prevailing, it is highly tedious in nature.

With its automatic call recording feature, CallHippo reduces the efforts that this aspect demands. You can easily record the calls as soon as the customer places the record. In addition, it will also eliminate the tedious task of taking notes and makes you capable enough to get hold of your entire database that can be easily retrieved on demand.

Call Forwarding

If you aim high to grant par excellence customer experience to your clients, you should understand the worth of reducing waiting time. Customers like to prefer the services that cater to their need in a prompt manner. You can’t make them wait while one representative is busy on another call.

CallHippo is a great help in this section as well. With its quick call diversion, you will be able to divert calls without letting your callers wait for it. It will reduce the call waiting time, increase the response time and improve your customer support. You can forward these calls to mobile as well as telephone numbers.

How to get a virtual phone system from CallHippo?

You can easily get an Australia business calling number from CallHippo by contacting them directly either by phone or call. You can also fill in the contact form available on their official website.

You will get three types of business numbers: 1800 or 1300 (toll-free), local calling numbers, and Australia mobile numbers.

1800 Toll-Free number

1800 are toll-free virtual phone number offered by CallHippo that allow a user to make or receive a call from any part of the world at an affordable cost. These toll-free Australia business numbers work independently and are not bound with the geographical location of the business.

1300 Local phone numbers

With this 10-digit business number, you can grant your customers a contact point that comes with local call charges only.

Australia local call numbers

These are local call numbers that come with a city-specific code attached to them. It helps you to gain confidence in local customers.

The city codes of some major Australia cities are mentioned below:

Adelaide - (0061) + 8
Brisbane, Queensland - (0061) + 7
Canberra - (0061) + 2
Launceston -   (0061) + 3
Melbourne, Victoria - (0061) + 3
Perth, WA - (0061) + 8
Sydney, New South Wales - (0061) + 2

Final words

CallHipoo is one of the most cost-effective and potential tools that help a business to build a constant communication point where their customers can connect with them around the clock. So, own this innovative tool and enjoy an uninterrupted communication.
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Jyoti Saini CallHippo Telecom Consultant


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