It's Not Your Fault!

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It's Not Your Fault!

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It’s Not Your Fault!

Where you are now reflects your past - much of which you’ve probably had no control or influence over!

If you are frustrated by a lack of career progression, you might be able to blame any number of things for it: poor education, wrong choice of degree or university, social immobility, lack of choice or opportunity, restrictive or even bullying leadership styles, changing organisational direction, and it might even include the recent economic challenges stalling organisational growth and promotional opportunity.

So much, most of which has probably been out of your own sphere of control or influence.

 At the same time, decisions taken by others can have an immediate negative effect on your career progress and you might face - or indeed have already experienced facing, enforced job loss with redundancy and all the negative overtones that accompany it.

But of course, that’s not your fault either - it’s what happens to many others and you will not have been singled out for punishment!

 So, whilst where you are now is probably not your fault, you are there. We can all recall the rational and emotional career-limiting experiences of our past - but they are not your fault! They probably merely reflect situations where you had no control, influence or support structure to help.

Executives and Senior Managers, reflecting on where you are now, must accept the past for what it was - you can’t change the past - but you can change the future!

Those desiring to turn things around can now change the rules in their favour. You can, at last, become the one that drives your own career, your own fortune - and your own future successes.

For over 25 years I have helped, guided and supported, executives and senior managers to re-focus; inspired them to realise their potential and present themselves more dynamically - and transformed their future through a carefully developed journey to a more fulfilling role.

 If you would like to take advantage of a free 30-minute CV Review, simply reply to this and let’s arrange a time for you.

Bernard Pearce – The Executive Career Transition Specialist

Tel: +44(0)7770 237894

E-mail: Bernard@Career-Inspirations.co.uk





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