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Michelle, 52, UK
When I first met Kirsty, I had just been going through the motions of everyday life for quite a number of years; painting a smile on my face but feeling so empty inside. I’d been carrying years and years of baggage which I didn’t realise was actually affecting me and the people around me. I soon realised that I had no boundaries at all, be it with family or friends, I’d virtually allowed everyone around me to take advantage of the fact that I had none in place. I soon came to realise that I have nothing to feel guilty about and that by putting the strategies/tools into place that Kirsty gave me I have managed to rid myself of the events which occurred very early on in my life. I am now living my best life. When things start to feel a little tough, I now know what it is that I need to do. I now have a far better relationship with my whole family, son, mother and partner included. I have managed to disassociate myself from the negative people around me, I’m once again enjoying life very much! Thank you, Kirsty you are a truly inspirational woman.

- Michelle Lowery, November 2020
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