ANTONIO Manuel's Testimonial

Hello my name is Antonio Manuel and I am Enagic Independent Distributor since 2016 and the reasons why I was attracted to Enagic products is that I had many health challenges that was making my life and my family very difficult to live health and happy life.

I use to suffer from chronic sinusites many years and I could hardlyever smell things around me. I used
to feel constantly cold and congested nose all year around. I had also problem with high blood pressure that was always high. When I was introduced to this device that is certified as Medical Device in Japan and makes ionised alkaline water from the kitchen tap, my life changed. As I changed the water that I used to drink to ionised alkaline water it made a big difference for me and my family.

However as I understood the value and benefits of this device in my home and what this device can improve the quality and longevity in people health, I decided to become a distributor of the Enagic company so that I can help more people globally.

- December 2020
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